Garry & Cheryl would like to invite your pet to come and stay at their
family owned & operated home away from home!


All dogs must have a minimum of a C5 and all cats must have a minimum of an F3 vaccination certificate and must be current, if vaccination has expired or the pet/s requires vaccinating it must be done at least 7 days prior to entering the Boarding Kennels. The vaccination certificate must be current for the animals’ entire stay. No exceptions. Country Stay Pet Boarding holds the right to refuse admittance of animals who do not have such vaccinations.


All pet’s must be microchipped, as to meet Ipswich City Council Pet Stay/Kennel microchip regulations. All pets will be scanned on arrival to the Kennel to ensure such microchips are inserted and working. Country Stay Pet Boarding holds the right to refuse pets that are not microchipped.

General Fees

  1. In consideration of you accepting as a boarder, my dog/s and/or cats, birds or other pets, I AGREE to pay all charges for the care of the dog/s, cat/s, or other pets, including Veterinary treatment on any animal or bird/s at the discretion of the management and at the expense of the owner. If the pet should become ill, injured, or if the state of the pet’s health otherwise required professional attention, the Kennel as its sole discretion may engage the services of a Veterinarian or administer medicine or give other requisite attention to the animal or bird, and the expense thereof shall be paid by the owner of the pet/s – see Vet treatment while staying at Country Stay Pet Boarding below for more information.


  1. All animals will be charged for the full day of admittance regardless of the time admitted, PAYMENTS for board and other services are APPRECIATED IN ADVANCE.


  1. If the owner or authorised party picks up or drops off their pet/s outside of the Kennel’s trading hours, or on a public holiday, if permitted by Country Stay Pet Boarding, they will incur a surcharge of $50.

Payment and Failure of Payment

All charges incurred by the owner will be payable upon the scheduled pickup date of the pet/s. If the payments and arrangements should fall more than 14 days in arrears, I authorise you to dispose of the pet/s in such manner as you may determine. The kennel shall have, and is hereby granted, a Lien on the pet/s for any unpaid charges resulted from boarding the pet/s and the owner hereby agrees that in the event of the charges not being paid when due in accordance with the conditions, the Kennel may exercise its lien rights and dispose of the pet/s for any and all unpaid charges at the sole discretion of the kennel either by public or private sale, and the owner waives all statutory or legal rights to the contrary. If such sales do not secure a price adequate to meet surcharges, plus cost of sale, then the owner will be liable to the kennel for the differences.

Booking fees (School Holiday Periods)

A 50% payment of the total booking is required within seven days of making the booking. The booking cannot be confirmed until the booking fee is paid. A booking fee is required for each booking and is deducted from the total due at the time of account settlement. These fees are not refundable or transferable; conditions apply – see cancellation policy below for more information (these conditions are not negotiable). Booking is an acceptance of our conditions of boarding, signed at time of admittance of pet/s. During school vacation periods the full period booked will be charged for. No refunds will be accepted should you not agree with the conditions at time of admittance.


Cancellation policy (School Holiday Periods)

No refunds are given if cancellation is within 14 days of booking commencement date.

General conditions

  • The boarding kennel manager has the right to refuse admission of any animal without being required to give explanation.
  • Country Stay Pet Boarding is not responsible for your pet’s coat while staying with us. This includes matting, knotting, smell ect. We offer a complimentary hydro bath (minimum 4 day stay) on departure but grooming if required is only offered as a fee for service at the owners’ expense.
  • Grooming of long-haired pet/s may incur extra charges.
  • Country Stay Pet Boarding, or the Proprietor, or the Staff will not be responsible for any illness contracted, or injury or accident, or loss by death or otherwise to pet/s whilst in our care, or whilst being transported to or from the Kennel.
  • If an animal is to be picked up for any reason by a party other then the owner, a written form of communication is required to be sent from the owner authorising such party to do so.
  • If any instances where the owner or an accompanied party to the owner wishes to pick up their pet/s for medical or any other reasons during the course of the stay, before an agreed upon leave date, the owner/party bears responsibility of the animal for such period (Please Note: In such situations, written or verbal communication is required by the owner that the action will be taking place).

Belongings of Pet’s

No responsibility is taken by the kennels for collars, leads, containers, bedding etc. left at the Kennels. Country Stay Pet Boarding does not take any responsibility for damage, or any other loss of belongings brought to the Kennels.



Due to Covid-19 we must undertake revised procedures for arrivals and departures.

  1. Your dog must arrive and leave on a leash or harness.
  2. Only one person is to exit per car.
  3. Keep social distancing of 1.5 metres from employees.
  4. Sanitise hands with the supplied sanitizer before entering the office or exchanging documents or the use of the
  5. If you are sick or unwell please notify us before arrival.

Pet Behaviour

  • Country Stay Pet Boarding holds the right to refuse a pet/s that exhibit or seem to exhibit aggressive or threatening behaviour to humans.
  • If a pet/s is aggressive, or makes an aggressive action (e.g bite, scratch, or any other violent conduct) to a staff member of the Kennel, the owner or authorised personal shall bear the responsibility and costs of picking up of the pet/s on the day of the incident, with no refund.
  • If a pet/s participates in violent or aggressive conduct against another animal/ pet/s the owner or authorised personal shall bear the responsibility and costs of picking up of the pet/s on the day of the incident. The owner of a pet/s will bear responsibility and the costs of any damages/injury to Country Stay Pet Boarding property, staff, or other animals/pet/s. The destruction of bedding, toys or other items of use by pet/s will incur a charge of $35 per item.

Vet treatment while staying at Country Stay Pet Boarding

Should your pet/s need vet treatment during your pet’s stay with us we will

  • Try to contact you on the contact numbers that you have left (it is your responsibility to leave us contact numbers)
  • Should we be unable to contact you we will make the decision in the best interest for the pet/s.
  • The pet/s will be taken to the vet of Country Stay Pet Boarding’s choice unless told and noted by the client on the bottom of the boarding contract to take to a specific vet.
  • All vets’ bills will be required to be paid by the pet’s owner on or before departure.
  • Should your pet/s be taken to the vet a fee will be charged for transport and time spent at the vet. (Est. from – $40.00 transport, $25.00 labour, however a surcharge will be incurred if such action is required outside of the kennel’s trading hours, or on a public holiday).


Any medication administered by Country Stay Pet Boarding at the request of the own or veterinarian will incur a per day charge, subject to the discretion of management. Country Stay Pet Boarding is not liable for any: incorrect dosages of medication given to pet/s; reactions to medication by pet/s; misuse of medication; or loss of medication.



  • The owner authorises the right of Country Stay Pet Boarding to take and use photos, videos or other visual mediums of their pet/s for marketing purposes, social media posts or to keep on data base.
  • The customer/person that admits the pet/s into the Kennels is the legally recognised owner or authorised person to enter into a contract with Country Stay Pet Boarding.


I/We acknowledge and state the I/We have read, understand and accept the above Boarding Agreement conditions.


Owners Signature or Owners/Agent Signature:                                                    Date:




Signed for an on behalf of Country Stay Pet Boarding:                                        Date: